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In Trouble Again...

3/18/14 - I have not been making posts because shortly after my last post at jhaysonnscuredotcom he began a slow progression to what is now another full blown challenge. Afraid to give more bad news but the last couple months have been pretty tough and have culminated in Jhaysonn being admitted last night because his breathing is so bad that he looked like he is sucking air through a straw. Long story short...this past weekend was scarey but now he has his doctors doing what they do best. So for now we wait for the biopsies and many tests to determine if he has pulmonary lymphoma. They did a specific biopsy to check for this so we need your prayers against it specifically. I don't need to tell you how disappointed we are all about how much struggle Jhaysonn has endured, but we remain faithful that God hears our prayers, all of our prayers, that there is power in prayer and ask you once more that you dig deep, revitalize Jhaysonn's Prayer army through your contacts and help us pray long and hard that Jhaysonn overcomes this seemingly unending nightmare and that his healing is at hand. No more lymphoma, no more difficulties, no more setbacks, healing for this precious person in Jesus Name I pray! - Please join us and focus your prayers. Blessings, Ron.

The Beginning of a New Era

12/24/13 - I pray that everyone is ready for the blessing that is Jesus and what he did for us.  To think that a child such as Jesus born to this earth would agree to later die a horrible death and willingly take on our shortcomings, that too often are as dark as the death he had to endure, brings to mind that whatever we must endure here and now is nothing compared to having your flesh ripped from your body by metal tipped whips.  By no means a worthy comparison...but for us our family, to watch the physical struggles our son must continue to endure and now losing his breath to 26% capacity is just as horrible and scary.  If we did not have Jesus to reassure us that his resurrection is our salvation, witnessing our son suffer so would have defeated us by now after nearly six years of struggle.  So as we watch him having to travel back and forth to the NIH every three weeks for experiment this and experiment that...and then to have the fungal infection and Mycobacterium Abscessus return again, seeing his picc line moved to his neck only reaffirms that our prayers are vital to the process of his healing.  God continues to work through the hands of His creation to heal our son.  Thus we ask that Jhaysonn's Prayer army continue on strong and with new fervor to ensure his name continues to be heard by God, to hear all of us calling for a new beginning, for our son to be given the chance to proclaim the power of God!  Thank you for your great kindness and continued prayers for Jhaysonn, we look forward to the day he surprises everyone with a complete healing come from God.

Thank you Jesus for Another Year

11/28/13 - Thank you Jesus for another year with Jhaysonn.  Thank you for your Holy Spirit watching over us and providing that what is needed.  Thank you for all those who have our son in their hearts willing to send you prayers and agreement for his healing, and most of all, thank you for our family, Theresa, Matthew, Jhaysonn and Ron for putting us together in your Grace and helping us see your works.  And thank you for keeping Matthew safe while he protects our country.

May everyone who reads this know how much we appreciate your holding up our son and this family to God for his continued and complete protection and healing of His gifts to us in our sons.

Blessings to all.

On The Road Again...Calling the Prayer Army to Gather!

11/2/13 - Jhaysonn and Mom are on their way back from the NIH and there is some good news!  The doctors have taken him off the amikacin and the linezolid and are scheduling a CT in two weeks to allow his system to recover and determine if the lung infections are gone.  We are praying that these infections are finished and we can now move on to the graft vs. host problem.  The lead doctor characterized the graft vs. host disease in his lungs as, "uncommon and highly fatal" because of his extreme immunocompromised state, which of course scared us.  But, even though there is concern, I see a light in Jhaysonn's eyes I have not seen in a while.  He is talking more and seems more alive even though his breathing is labored.  I don't know...but I personally feel that there is something good going to happen soon and Jhaysonn will surprise everyone with a total recovery.  All we have to do is keep the faith up and molds down :-) clean, clean, clean...thank God for Lysol.

Keep the prayers coming!

10/2/13 - They are back! The report is that Jhaysonn's lung capacity has dropped to 85% so they have given him a nebulizer to aspirate the amikacin rather than doing it intravenously as before.  Apparently they are still using the injectable solution but by adding saline solution to it, then it becomes useable in a nebulizer treatment.  Never heard that before... So, added to the list now is montelukast/singulair that brings the drug total to eighteen different meds.  Always worried about mental health and hearing loss from all these drugs, the long haul Jhaysonn has had to endure seems to expand as the side effect these marvels of science keeps growing.

The good news though that has come out of this last visit is that the fungus infection is much better and improving.  Thank God!  Once the bacterial infection is gone from his lungs too then they can finally begin to deal with the bronchiolitis obliterans.  Seems so contrary to logic specially when the bronchiolitis is what is destroying his lungs, in any event we remain faithful that Jhaysonn will be given his life back and his body will be totally healed one day.  Baackk to the NIH...Baackk to the NIH, will probably be the week of 10/20 as it looks now.

NIH Blues

09/21/13 - As we prepare for another trip to the NIH, I am reminded of the kindness and prayers that so many of you provide our family.  Prayers that sustain us, prayers that we know produce results.  Jhaysonn is living proof of that even through all of the current trials. So this time they leave for ten days and should be back by the thirtieth.  The doctors at the NIH are exploring what to do about the GVH, test for the fungal and bacterial infections Aspergillosis, M. Abscessus, and ultimately deal with the Bronchiolitis Obliterans.  Lot's on the plate as usual but we are hopeful that good news is coming in the form of progress from the last month of IV treatments.  I am still trying to figure out how to dispose of the five grocery bags full of empty IV setups.  Please continue to pray for a good result.

One more thing.  To avoid having to travel back and forth every two weeks for the rest of the year, we are looking for a house sitting situation in Bethesda, MD that Theresa and Jhaysonn can stay at.  A corporate unit at an apartment complex, or an vacant condo that someone might be willing to donate.  We can handle the utilities but could really use a place to stay until Christmas or so.  This will help with the tremendous expense with travel that wears Jhaysonn down each time anyway.  Fourteen hundred miles there and back takes a toll since he is unable to fly anymore due to the compressed air and germ laden tubes with wings they are.  Until his immune system recovers he must ride on the rubber rollers, so if you know anyone that might be willing to help, please let us know.

09/05/13 - Sorry for the silence but last week was a fury of problems and events that took all my attention to get through.  Monday night the 26th, two days before Mom and Jhaysonn had to leave for the NIH I discovered a leak coming from the back of the engine.  Turns out it was the oil cooler, so I took a day off from work to get it done, tried my best but could not get to one (stinking' :-) bolt and ended up having to pay for the repairs.  Off they go on Wednesday morning and just about two hours out of Bethesda the car shudders and stops.  Theresa calls me in a panic sitting on I-95 with Jhaysonn, his IV meds, IV stand, coolers etc. etc.  Make a long story short, she finds a mechanic in Mechanicsville, PA (who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?), and the guy turns out to be an angel because I thought the coil pack that went out in cylinder two was going to be astronomically expensive.  But get this...When the NIH learned that they were stranded, they had someone drive the two hours to come and load them up and get them there.  What a Blessing!  So as it turns out they made it okay, whew.  Add to this that the IV meds are starting to show progress in his lungs controlling the growth and, all things being equal, it was a tiring 1400 miles but both my son and wife...and the Car made it back safely..

Now on to the next trip coming up on the 24th of September, and henceforth they on out he will have to go back every two weeks for the next few months while they attempt to control the GVH.  Problematic to say the least since the expense is mounting fast.  So if anyone reading this knows of a property owner who needs a house sitter or a condo sitter for a few months, we would greatly appreciate the referral..


Must close this by saying that God provides confirmations on so many levels.  Yesterday I went to the mini-market and there is this old Nigerian fellow in front of me standing in line trying to buy a gas can so he could put some gas in his car across the street.  Troublesome it was for him to open the new fangled bottle, so I offered some help, got it open and we departed...I noticed while walking to my car that he was going to collect his gas at the pump but someone had pulled into that spot.  He casually got between their car and the pump and proceeded to get this dollar or two worth.  The occupants were not very nice, so I thought I best stand by my car and observe the situation just in case. After a few minutes he started for his car across the street and I asked him if he was ok?  Only thing he said to me was to ask if I would help him put the gas in the tank.  I did so, and while he stood there he said, "God is good, he made me run out of gas across the street from a gas station".  How profound a statement that was.  God places us even when we run out of gas at a place where we can always fill up if we just look at the surroundings.  Your know what this guys name was?  Samson, and Samson had the most blood red eyes I have ever seen!! (Judges:16)

08/27/13 - Oookay, Jhaysonn and Mom are off in the morning back to the hospital in Bethesda, MD for what may be an extended stay.  Jhaysonn is having more and more difficulty breathing, is very tired and has not done a thing with his music since he has been on the IV treatments.  He says his vision is impaired from the meds and is generally just feeling icky.  So after many emails and discussions with the team in Maryland, Jhaysonn heads back to be poked, prodded and x-rayed some more.  I think this is approaching the Scanalabathon record of some kind.  I think what bothers me more this time is that I cannot be by my son's side and support for my wife...God's plan will be revealed..

The Day of the Drug

08/18/2013 - I am disheartened at watching Jhaysonn's demeanor change as the toll of the treatments 8-1-8 twenty four hours a day are taking on him.  The cocktail of drugs he takes is just mind blowing, each with their own contraindications, and his breathing is still pretty shallow and labored..

Voriconazole, Imipenem, Azithromycin, Linezolid, Sulfamethoxazole, Levofloxacinn, Omeprazole, Fluconazole, Flovent, Prednisone, Restasis, Oracea, Levothyroxine, Spiriva, Hydro eye, Potassium CL, Pyridoxine, folic acid and vitamins.  I put the list here so everyone who reads this can pray for specific protections and healing for Jhaysonn, and that these drugs do no damage beyond their intended use..  My God! Dear Lord, may your hand be on Jhaysonn to promote his healing and protect him from all this stuff.  Bring his healing to bear soon, I have the centurion's faith Lord..

08/01/13 - We attempted getting the port put in today but there was some complication with equipment that required a delay so tomorrow he will be getting a central line instead.  Also found out that the CDIFF has returned to join the party that arises as a complication from high doses of anti-biotics however Jhaysonn is keeping in good spirits despite these new challenges.  Well that's about all for today, am pretty tired so keeping this short tonight.  Keep praying, prayer works, and God Bless all of you out there praying for Jhaysonn..

07/31/13 - Dad writes...Jhaysonn's PICC line is causing pain and may be a problem so he is back tomorrow to get a port put back in his chest once more.  Kinda tough on the schedule keeping up with the infusions at home.  So far Theresa has not slept much since the cycle is 6-12-6-12. It takes an hour to set up and clean up after and 30 minutes a bag so she is basically sleeping 4-6-4-6 in between taking Jhaysonn back and forth to the hospital for labs etc.  It's a full time job needless to say.  'Superwoman' doesn't say it adequately.  Prayer works, keep them going :-)))

07/28/13 - Dad writes...After a week at the NIH we now have a better idea of the situation and how our son again is faced with another setback.  Not sure what the purpose is but we remain faithful that once again God will come to bear and bring this nightmare for Jhaysonn where His purpose is revealed.  It seems that two items have arisen to present this new challenge. The first is called Aspergillosis, a fungal infection that we combat every day without consequence.  However for Jhaysonn whose immune system remains lowered from the transplant, another matter all together.  The second is a micro bacterium in the Tuberculosis family that took some time to determine due to its similarities.  A DNA examination of the cells identified it as M. Abscessus.  As you can tell from reading the links, this has now escalated to a degree where his life again is in danger if the expansion of these infections are not arrested or eliminated..

Consequently Jhaysonn will be living with a PICC line for the next two months 24 hours a day for intravenous treatments with two drugs, one of which he will be hallucinating with, Oh JOY!!

So, in early September Jhaysonn will return to thee NIH for evaluation and to continue participating in two clinical trails for the Bronchiolitis Obliterans and the Graft vs. Host disease control but...first things first of course.  I am afraid that he and Mom will be travelling back and forth with some frequency..

Needless to say we are asking that Jhaysonn's Prayer Army gather once more and help him fight these attacks against him with faith and strength under God's protections (Psalms: 91:3-4), and that this is once and for all put down by the mighty power of God and his angels, and that by the power given to us in Faith, it is done in Jesus Name! (Matt: 8:13)


Further Notes:  Through these past five years coming up we have learned that the effects of cancer and the treatments do not stop after the cancer is gone.  The damage created from so much chemo, radiation and the stem cell transplant goes on for years.  Jhaysonn has been cancer free for fifteen months and however bittersweet due to the additional complications we remain faithful that better days are coming for Jhaysonn one day.

Jhaysonn reminds us every day how wonderful he is and how his faith remains a beacon for all who know him.  What a lesson in endurance, courage, and focus on God's promises he is!  Jhaysonn deserves to go on and meet life again

Those beautiful hands on the guitar will once more play again!!

We are confident in the Lord that Jhaysonn will not succumb to these new life threatening challenges and that this too shall be defeated as his cancer was in Jesus name.  We refuse to believe that God would heal the cancer and then allow the battle lost over something else...Please continue to pray, and if you would like to write to Jhaysonn or help with his continued medical expenses please do so at the address shown below.

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By God's Grace!

Through the experience we are reminded of the Via Dolorosa and how Jesus established a key principle about our trials.  How many steps, strikes and beatings did Jesus take for us willingly and readily only then to forgive humanity?

At times we can feel the drain of the earthly life He must have felt so grievously;  but with every knee drop, every blood spattered moment, every cry... He never failed in the end to forgive, provide hope, and give us His story of Love, Compassion and Devotion by His actions and in turn gave us the gift of Grace.  A free gift to all; that by 'just believing' our own journey begins for us to see the real value of living.


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Mobile IV
Mobile IV anyone?

More Chemo
At NIH, Jeez more needles.

Just another day at the (NIH) office :-))

Endurance in it many forms
Endurance and Faith

Jhaysonn Therapy
Jhaysonn on bike finding his feet
but for the neuropathy.

Mom's first train ride
Mom's first train ride (ever) to the NIH

Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom

IV's three times a day
Dad sneaks pictures all the time :-)

Making Budwig 
Making organic Budwig mix, yuk.

Aaah, outside, good.

Jhay and Dad
Strength Striving In-Vivo

Jhaysonn's Students in SOKO
Jhaysonn's Students in SOKO

Artist all the way, June 2007 was a great day.

Thank you for your support!

Just so you know if you are new to the site...  Since March of 2009 there have been a multitude of challenges we have had to undergo when Jhaysonn returned home from South Korea uninsurable.  From medicine to politics this journey has shown us the difference between the power of law and the power of God.

When Jhaysonn left on his first real job since graduation from Stetson University in 2007, then return home with a rare case of Primary Refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma; then having to endure thirty-eight months of what amounted to torture for Jhaysonn, and then finally able to get a new treatment called SGN35 (Adcetris), watching God's Tapestry unfold has been difficult, full of fear, and moments of despair and wonder.

None the less and many remissions later the cancer finally went into what is now the longest remission period since March of 2009.  Although Jhaysonn is now in a rather difficult recovery period after all the damage done to his body, he is now able to look forward to a different phase of his life.

Thank You and God Bless You for Your Thoughts Prayers and Support.

Jhaysonn with Dr. Cabeza at Shands Cancer CenterJhaysonn's Beautiful Hands
The sweetest PA taking a moment on a good day to raise a smile,
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Deut: 31:6 - Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be dismayed; for God, He is the One who goes with you.  He will not leave you
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Psa 18:28 For you will light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.

Psa 18:29 For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.

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